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Working Together for Tennessee

One of the most amazing things about Tennessee is our willingness to come together and work together. After all, we are called the Volunteer State for a reason. 

The Become a Tennesseean Program has been developed as a partnership between the USDA, Experience Tennessee, the South Central Tennessee Tourism Association, local governments across the south-central region, and industry partners.

The idea is simple, by co-oping funds between our organization, local governments, and professionals we can deliver an effective livability program for the 13 counties across the south-central Tennessee region. By partnering together we have the ability to focus our efforts on effective social media and traditional marketing campaigns that would not only be cumbersome if we did them separately, but they would also be competing. 

By joining this network of professionals and organizations passionate about the state of Tennessee, you are helping lead the net wave of livability marketing across the region. Thank you for your interest in joining! 

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Member Benefits

  • Invites to all social events with professional membership, chambers of commerce, and local economic development leadership.

  • Access to exclusive content created by Experience Tennessee and the South Central TN Tourism Association.

  • Invites to participate at quarterly "Welcome Center Days".

  • Inclusion in the annual "Become a Tennessean Guide" that will be printed and available by online request, at six TN Welcome Centers/Rest Stops, and at local ECD/Chamber Offices. 

  • Become a Tennessean professionals lapel pin.

  • Additional co-op marketing opportunities with partners.