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Community Programs


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Ambassadors, you must fill out a form for each program that you wish to take advantage of. If the particular event that you are signing up for requires a mailing address please fill that out as well including city, state, and zip code. These forms will forward directly to the host of each event. 

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Ambassador Summaries

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Thank you!


  • We want to tell the stories of the communities and people of south-central Tennessee. Through your lens, we will highlight the history, small businesses, attractions, and the amazing natural beauty of our state. 

  • We want to keep good notes on the experiences you have through the region. Using the summary tool is something we would like you to utilize as much as possible. This tool will more or less be your journal as an ambassador.

  • Make recommendations! We want to hear your ideas and areas you feel we have better opportunities. This is not limited to Experience Tennessee and SCTTA, but also to the communities we serve. If an idea comes to mind, shoot us a summary, and let's talk about it. 

  • Have fun and make friends. These are the only two rules we have at SCTTA. Sure, we do have sponsorships we need to sell and programs we need to support, but as an organization, we can do all things through friendships and good attitudes. 

  • Let's work together! As Executive Director I am out and about every day. At any point you want to join us for community visits please just let me know. The more you know, the more people you meet, the better! 


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There will be four primary ways that Experience Tennessee Ambassadors operate:


  • Freelance

  • Community Itineraries

  • Asset Support

  • Event Coverage



Each of the Ambassadors will continue to freelance across the region, just as you have. Simply document your travels on socials by tagging Experience Tennessee and using the hashtags #ExperienceTN #TNAmbassadors #NBBY, and #MadeinTN


Community FAM Itineraries

Experience Tennessee will be working with communities across the region to develop Community FAM Itineraries. Itineraries can be for a couple of hours, all day, or even multiple days. Once we set an itinerary you will be notified with the details and given the opportunity to sign up. Most itineraries will be limited as to how many Ambassadors are able to sign up, so please be intentional when you sign up. Make sure that you can make the date, and make sure it is something you want to cover. 


Asset Support

SCTTA manages an entire network of brochures and guides that we refer to as "assets". Most of these assets will include a brochure that is distributed to Welcome Centers, featured on the Experience Tennessee App, and supported on with a program page that explains the asset and provides a digital and print option for maps.

Periodically we will send you an asset or once a new asset hits the market we will send them to you to explore. 

Here are some of the assets we manage:

  • The Natchez Trace (highlights each stop in South Central TN)

  • David Crockett Highway 64 Travel Guide

  • State Parks & Natural Areas

  • Waterfalls of South Central Tennessee

  • Tennessee Whiskey Wines and Brews (Trail Mix Program)

  • Wineries of South Central Tennessee

  • Breweries in South Central Tennessee

  • Distilleries in South Central Tennessee

  • Tennessee Campgrounds

  • BBQ Trail

  • Pickin' Tennessee (Antiques and Treasure shops in SCTN)

  • Burger Joints

  • Float in Tennessee Guides for each: Tennessee River, Duck River, Elk River, Buffalo River, Shoal Creek, and Richland Creek.

  • Downtown Tennessee Brochures for each Downtown in the Program.

Asset Support Side note: sometimes we do need actors for photographers when developing these assets. We may have open calls for people to show up if they are available to be featured in photography for our photoshoots. 


Event Coverage

There are SOOOO MANY great events throughout the year across South Central Tennessee. We all want to showcase each event as much as possible, and as Ambassadors, you can do just that! As we partner with events they will be listed on this dashboard in the community fams section, and we will communicate opportunities via email and on the GroupMe App.

Other Points of Interest

Things to keep in mind:

  • We are always looking for interesting people, impactful stories, and supporters of the organization. If there is someone we need to know in the community, please let us know in your summaries. 

  • When you are on an itinerary, everything should be paid for in advance. However, you will have a contact list if something does come up or if there is some sort of communication. This is an obligation that each community has to make when we are building these.

Social Media Post Rules:

  • Tag Experience Tennessee on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok

  • Use the Hashtags: #ExperienceTN, #NBBY, #TNAmbassadors, and #MadeinTN

  • Location Tags: Please hashtag each city in CityST format. Examples: #ColumbiaTN #ManchesterTN #LindenTN

  • Tag as relevant community partners. We have links to them under Ambassador Tools

Ambassador Monthly Goals:

  • 4 Original Post about the region.

  • 5 "Shares" of posts that Experience Tennessee makes on social media

  • 1 "Asset" post or share per month



COmmunity Links (coming soon)

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