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A Little Taste of Texas in the Heart of Tennessee

As you cross the railroad tracks into Historic Bell Buckle, Tennessee, a sense of quaint nostalgia embraces you. Breathe deeply, and you’ll discover the aroma of smoked barbecue drawing you down Webb Road East into an experience you’ll never forget.

Established by a family of 8th & 9th generation Texans, Alley BBQ sets the standard high! Committed to the low & slow cooking methods of their pioneer ancestors, the Pit Boss prides himself on flavorful brisket, pork, chicken, ribs, sausage, salmon & even pecan pie prepared over locally sourced firewood for up to 20 hours of smoked perfection.

Raised just 30 minutes from the BBQ Capital of Texas, Jeremy McReynolds and his son, Andrew established their restaurant with a heart for serving people. When you step through the threshold of this once downtown alley, you’ll encounter original 19th century brick walls now decorated with vintage and antique remembrances of yesteryear, countertops and tables made from Texas trees sawn, cured and finished by the McReynolds’ themselves, and shelves a plenty lined with pickles, jams & jellies straight from their family farm. You can even pick up a few souvenirs from their collection to take with you and share with a friend.

Whether you visit Alley BBQ regularly, or you’ve come for the very first time, one thing’s certain. This family of 7 dedicates themselves to ensuring that you not only leave their restaurant with appetites satisfied… they are working hard to make sure your hearts feel fuller too.


Monday 11am - 8pm

Friday 11am to 8pm

Saturday 11am to 8pm

Sunday After church - 6pm

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