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Good times are Common at Common John in Manchester

"It's been decided by the priest I'm just a Common John Diggin' holes in the dirt just to past the time". These are the fateful lyrics that would come to bear the namesake for Manchester Tennessee's Common John Brewing Company located just off exit 110. Family owned and ran Common John opened their taproom to the public in late 2020 battling to overcome the obstacles of the pandemic.

SO to be forthcoming I may or may not be biased on this one. Common John's is located in my hometown and is my go to brewery. The people who frequent and the staff are all unique and inviting people. The first thing that captures me each time I visit is the atmosphere. It is warm and inviting and really pays homage to the community it serves. From the light ladder hanging above the bar fashion from wood from an old storage barn that was on site to the tables that all feature a different make of tractor (seriously) in what I will now dub the music hall, the brewery itself feels like a love letter to a craft and a community the owners and staff love so well.

If you are curious as to what they have on draft check out their website where they keep their untappd menu. Personally if you aren't sure where to start or you are looking for something close to a domestic I say start with the Straight and Narrow. If you aren't sure however, Christian and the rest of the bar staff are well versed in helping you settle on they perfect first pint. The split is usually 50/50 their taps to guest taps though that varies. If you're hungry they have a menu with pizzas and other tasty food treats to satisfy your hunger while you kick back and enjoy great beer and hopefully even better company.

Common John's features an indoor stage and outdoor stage and seating for when the weather is nice. There is always great regional talent passing through providing an extra element of entertainment and ambiance to the area. It is definitely kid friendly with canned drinks, food and games to be enjoyed by all. I do believe furry kids are welcome to come hang outside as well. As for me I enjoy taking my family and meeting friends there or just showing up and being surprised by who I may run into. It is always a good time and the beer never disappoints.

Whether you are passing through Manchester or looking for your next place to have a great night out I highly recommend visiting Common John Brewing Company. Come with friends or plan to make one while your there. Oh and if you see our local hippie Jeffery tell him hi, call him legs and tell him Gro says hi! As always you can check out the (many) beers I've had on my Untappd @ whatshoppinwithgro .

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