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It's ALL About Mayleigh at Whiskey Rose Boutique

You won't have to wait long for Mayleigh Rose to meet you when you visit Whiskey Rose Boutique in Fayetteville.... she's been waiting for you! Her friendly welcome is complete with a piece of candy she has chosen especially for you. The boutique is owned by her mom, Audrey, who isn't wasting any time teaching her the ropes.

After all, from the very beginning, Whiskey Rose Boutique has been all about Mayleigh Rose.

Long before Audrey dreamed of starting a business, Mayleigh had chosen a Texas long-horned bull stuffed animal from a local store. Audrey encouraged her to give it a name, "Whiskey," Mayleigh said. Audrey didn't find that strange because she and her family had recently taken a tour of Jack Daniel's in Lynchburg, Tennessee. So, it was fresh on Mayleigh's mind.

"Sure, name your bull 'Whiskey'. Does it have a middle name?" her mom said.

Mayleigh said, "Rose" just like me.

A building in Downtown Fayetteville became available for lease almost a year after Mayleigh named her bull. There was no doubt in Audrey's mind that Fayetteville needed a western boutique. A local option was needed for people to buy Nashville concert outfits without having to travel.

Although the boutique was born in her heart, she kept the idea to herself for some time before sharing it with family and friends. The lease was signed, and the logo was created with the help of a Texas designer, who, of course, included a Texas longhorn.

From cowhide rugs, to "Dirty Dove" merch, and an ever-changing inventory, Audrey's personality shines throughout the entire business. But more than anything, she has always prioritized a comfortable place for Mayleigh to live and grow in. There is no doubt in Audrey's mind that Mayleigh is her number one priority and she is grateful for the freedom to run a business that reflects her strong family focus.

Audrey never expected to build a business overnight. With her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit, she has blended excellence with success. She believes she wouldn't have had the inspiration and drive to open the business without Mayleigh.

As she approaches her first holiday season as a business owner, Audrey is excited about the future of Whiskey Rose Boutique. For Audrey, as long as there is a Whiskey Rose Boutique, it will always be about Mayleigh Rose.


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