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Visit Tennessee's 12th Registered Distillery in Lynnville, TN

Just outside the town of Lynnville, TN in Giles County, just a short, picturesque drive you will find Big Machine Distillery. Once inside the beautiful red barn, you will be welcomed by a very friendly and knowledgeable staff and the smell of yeast from the mash. Big Machine opened in 2012 formally was Tenn South Distillery. This is the 12th licensed distillery in the state of Tennessee.

They use locally grown white, red, and blue corn. Employing local people, they are proudly producing a local product by local people. Made In Tennessee by Tennesseans. A funny note: they have 10 employees, all women except one, Clay. Lucky Man: LOL.

They produce Clayton James Tennessee Whiskey, Moonshine, Vodka, and Gin. Their Borchetta Bourbon limited edition has won 2 Gold Medals and their Big Machine Vodka won the 2020 Best Domestic Vodka.

Their facility doesn't look like it belongs in the rolling Tennessee Hills. They use The Lincoln County Process sticking to the old tried and true methods while using state-of-the-art modern equipment.

Their Distillers team consists of Clayton Cuttler; head distiller, Halley Wells head distiller in Nashville, and Markeila Hamm; head distiller in Lynnville. Together this team tests new methods and is redefining how some liquors are made. It is working very well as they have set new standards with their Borchetta Bourbon limited edition.

We appreciated Danette Pomaski sharing her knowledge and answering my many questions. Big Machine is very lucky to have her on board. She explained the whole process and we found it fascinating.

Take the time to travel the road less traveled and visit Lynnville. Drive out and spend some time at Big Machine Distillery. They are open Monday thru Saturday 9-5 offering tours and tastings for $10.00. They have a Vodka Lemonade Slushie that is worth the drive.


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