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Sweets & Treats across south central Tennessee

South Central Tennessee is a sweet paradise, home to a delightful array of family-owned and operated businesses dedicated to creating mouthwatering sweets and treats. At Nash Family Creamery, visitors can indulge in rich, creamy ice creams and dairy delights, crafted with love and local ingredients. Legacy Creamery takes this tradition a step further, offering a taste of history with their time-honored recipes and hand-churned specialties. For those with a penchant for spirited confections, Sweet Southern Spirits blends the art of dessert-making with a twist of local spirits, offering unique, boozy treats that tantalize the taste buds. And at Water's Edge Chocolates, chocolate aficionados can lose themselves in an exquisite selection of artisan chocolates, each piece a testament to the family's passion for fine chocolate-making. Together, these establishments form a delicious tapestry of South Central Tennessee's culinary landscape, inviting families and sweet-toothed explorers alike to savor the flavors of genuine Southern hospitality and craftsmanship.

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Made Possible by Experience Tennessee Strategic Partners

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