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Welcome to Lynchburg, Tennessee
& the Tennessee Whiskey Trailhead

You've made it to the world-renowned destination of Lynchburg, Tennessee, home of the Jack Daniel Distillery and the birthplace of Tennessee Whiskey as we know it.

Before you get going we have designed this landing page for you to help navigate your time here in Lynchburg and tell you a little bit about us here at the Tennessee Whiskey Trailhead.

The Tennessee Whiskey Trail crosses the entire 440 miles east to west showcasing 41 distilleries allowing them to share their craft and love for whiskey with us all. 

Here in Lynchburg, we have partnered with the Tennessee Whiskey Trail and the Jack Daniel Distillery to give you a home base to start your Tennessee Whiskey journey, right here on the campus that Jack became the first registered distillery in the United States in 1866.

So before you go on tour, or even after you finish up for the day. Stop by the Tennessee Whiskey Trailhead and enjoy some special benefits and hospitality while you're in town.


  • Pick up a Whiskey Passport and check in at the Trailhead and Jack Daniel's for a FREE commemorative poker chip. Collect a chip at each distillery on the trail.

  • After you check in enjoy a 10% off discount on any purchases you make at the Trailhead including the opportunity to take home a free shot glass or t-shirt when you make a purchase over $50 or $100.

  • Lastly, let us help you navigate the town and the region with our local maps and free regional tourist information.

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