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Welcome to the team!

Let's Get Started

This page will be your go-to as an Experience Tennessee Ambassador. From here you can access GroupMe, our Google Drive, and Experience Tennessee Socials. Let me explain what each will be used for.

  • GroupMe - this will be our primary communications app. On this app, we will post various special opportunities for Ambassadors. This could be tickets to an event, a dining review opportunity, Fam Tours, AirBNB review opportunities, special access, sales, and so much more! Once you download the app click GroupMe at the top of the page. 

  • Google Drive will be utilized to store videos and photos that you allow us to use, as well as graphics that we make for each of you as the year goes on. We will also use the drive to share detailed itineraries for assignments that you take on. For example, if you go to an event we will have details about ticketing, hashtags to use, and profiles to tag, all laid out nicely in an itinerary for you to reference.

  • Experience Tennessee Socials - FOLLOW US!

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Thank you, Ambassador!


What's Next?

  1. Fill out your bio! Click here to get started on your bio. This bio will be used on the public "Ambassadors" page where it will showcase your bio, photo, and exploring you do as an ambassador! (Personal info will not be shared publically). In your bio tell us a few things: 1. What is your favorite hobby? 2. What is your favorite travel activity? 3. What's your favorite food?

  2. Download the GroupMe App. I will be sharing the Experience Tennessee Ambassador Opportunities group with each of you. We will use this group to post special opportunities for our Ambassadors, which could be anything from free event tickets, AirBNB nights, restaurant review requests, and so much more! 

  3. Make plans to join us for a welcoming party! We are working to schedule a welcoming party in Columbia, Tennessee in the latter part of March or early April. We have an AMAZING special guest planned that we know you all will enjoy. Once the date is locked in we will send you an invite. At the event, you will also receive your first swag box. After this initial box, you will receive a packet every quarter with new and exciting swag and giveaways. 

A quick reminder...

  • Use the hashtag #ExperienceTN in your related posts

  • Tag us in your related photos

  • Write a blog post ( 1-2 posts if you feel comfortable writing )

  • Create content on as many platforms that you use

  • Regular post about the region ( 5 or more posts representing our region and brand per month)

  • Share our content at least 1 to 3 times per week

  • Help promote our trails (requests will be sent periodically)

  • Potentially be a guest on the podcast

  • Be willing to sign up for coverage requests of certain festivals, attractions, restaurants, etc.

  • Assist in directing interested parties to our team for becoming Members of SCTTA

  • List that you are an Experience Tennessee Ambassador on your Instagram and tag us

  • Wear your swag when possible and feature in post when appropriate opportunities arise

More to know:

Experience Tennessee is part of the South Central Tennessee Tourism Association brand family.

Not everyone that signs up will be selected to be an ambassador.


Those selected are at the complete discretion of the South Central Tennessee Tourism Association.


The South Central Tennessee Tourism Association is an equal opportunity organization.

Those selected are expected to maintain a certain level of professional conduct on their socials media accounts and may be removed as an ambassador at any time if SCTTA determines that conduct or narratives are detrimental to the reputation of the organization.