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Hey Y'all Visits Beans Creek Winery in Manchester

There is nothing better than sitting outside listening to good music: We visited Beans Creek Winery in Manchester, Tennessee during their summer opening party featuring local band Utopia.

It was nice watching everyone enjoying the nice weather, and music. Kids are welcome at Beans Creek and enjoyed playing on the lawn all evening long. The adults visited with friends and family while keeping Beans Creek busy ensuring everyone had full wine glasses—those we spoke to agreed that this is the perfect way to spend an evening.

The food truck at Beans Creek Winery was busy providing good food for the many in attendance. They were all smiles as they took care of the patrons. Beans Creek provides a great venue. It’s difficult to imagine how much work they must put into hosting these events. Thank you and your staff for doing it and allowing the public to attend to your beautiful backyard.

We look forward to attending more of these nights at Beans Creek Winery. Make plans now and put the dates on your calendar. We would love to have you join us next time!


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