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Jennie Schutte Knows How to Fight Like a Farm Girl

Recently, we had the opportunity to visit The Marketplace at Pilaroc Farms. This trip provided us with a lot of knowledge about how quality meat can be sourced humanely, as well as sustainably and regeneratively produced. The heart and soul of Pilaroc Farms, however, lies in Jennie and her family who have worked tirelessly to achieve the goals and ideals that they stand for.

The Marketplace at Pilaroc Farms is a newly constructed building overlooking Walt and Jennie Schutte's 300-acre farm in Fayetteville. Currently, The Marketplace displays pink ribbons and flowers that hint at the battle this sweet family is living through. The chemotherapy treatment for Jennie's breast cancer will soon be completed. Throughout all of this she and her family have managed to maintain a positive outlook, which is a testament to their strength and determination.

As part of their farm operations, they raise cattle, lambs, and pigs for meat production. All of the animals are grass-fed and raised in a humane manner, without the use of any hormones. They are currently working on completing the USDA processing and kitchen areas of the facility. There are plans to build a pavilion where they will be able to host events as well as conduct classes outside. At this time, they offer classes that cover topics such as canning, soap making, cheese making, and many others.

You can purchase meat produced by Pilaroc Farms at The Marketplace. In addition, you can purchase items produced by other farmers from the local area who are also selling their products in the store. These products include items like candles, cutting boards, and seasonings. Eggs, cheese, butter, milk, and ice cream are also available.

One item in particular caught our eye: roasted and seasoned CRICKETS. They are 60% protein and, yes, we tried them.

There will be a special event taking place at the Schutte Farm on Saturday, November 5th at 5pm - "Sip & Search - A Night of Breast Education". Don’t miss this FREE event to learn from healthcare professionals and hear Jennie’s story on her breast cancer diagnosis.

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