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Join Tennessee RiverLine's shoreline cleanup in Clifton, TN

Updated: May 6, 2021

Join us on the Tennessee River to experience its beauty and help protect its health! On May 1, residents of Clifton and Wayne County, TN, will come together to clean the shoreline of the Tennessee River. You can join them, too!

The 15 communities enrolled in the Tennessee RiverLine's Program will help the river come to life by offering stewardship and community events throughout the year. We’ll be working with our local community partners to plan and promote these opportunities for you to experience the Tennessee River, to become aware of threats to its health and to participate in its stewardship.

The Tennessee River connects 2.4 million residents. It brings a region together, powers our homes and industry, nourishes our crops, provides recreation and is at the heart of the mission of the Tennessee RiverLine. You can join us, to help ensure the Tennessee River is healthy for future generations!

Our first-ever event is this weekend on May 1st in Clifton, TN with our local partners and Keep the TN River Beautiful. Join us at 10 a.m. at the Clifton Marina & RV Park to help.

Learn more about the event at

Photo courtesy of John Dumont


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