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Spring is in the air!

Can you feel it? Spring is in the air! We can feel it in our bones and long for it. It's the season for new-new blooms, new beginnings, new life. It is as though winter cleans the slate so spring can have a fresh start. It is where hope gets to blossom. And it is truly one of our favorite seasons on the farm. The warm sun on your face, the cool breeze and patches of green grass renew an energy in us for the next season. As much as we love spring, we also know the amount of work that is ahead for us. We have been preparing for it all winter by ordering every chick needed for the growing season, scheduling every butcher date needed (we have to schedule out as far as into next year too), planning every calving and managing the arrival of piglets. And of course, spring also commences the traveling season! RV rigs and campers will be arriving, many being return guests, which is like embracing the reunion of an old friend. This year, we are thrilled to see what all comes of our new dog park. We are HUGE dog lovers and serving our dog guests with this new off-leash area is very exciting for us. Part of our goal with this new dog park is to give back to our local non-profit rescue here in our county. We've got some amazing features and amenities to offer for all your four-legged fur babies.

This will be the first spring for us offering horseback riding lessons here on the farm with Hayden of Blue Horse Riding, LLC. This addition has already been such a fun experience to share with all of you. Hayden has some great things planned for the upcoming season and is an amazing teacher for all ages and levels of riders. We all share a passion for horses and have experienced what a horse can do for one's self image and confidence. Horses have this beautiful ability to heal an individual from the inside out-even if you aren't into riding, they can be extremely beneficial for the soul. And of course, with our latest member of the herd, pony Levi, it's expected to be the best spring yet!

As we move forward, it is important to look back from where we have come. And wow! It still amazes me that we are hosting guests from all over the world right here at Crossing Creeks Farm. Just this week, we hosted a lovely family from Canada in their RV. It truly humbles us to see you all want to spend your hard earned money and time on our family farm. I would have never guessed when we purchased this land that we would be hosting, but I am so glad we are. And with the addition of 4 more full hookup RV sites being completed this spring, we are looking forward to hosting even more of you all.


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