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2022 Back to the Land Festival Launches Early Bird Ticket Sale

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

The Back to the Land Festival is a three-day homesteading conference located in Centerville, Tennessee from September 23 through September 25. In its second year, the festival is tackling an interesting theme this year: homestead for a living.

According to festival co-founder Matt Hundley, the festival is an opportunity for current and aspiring homesteaders across the county, state, and region to meet, network, and learn how to start and grow produce, animal, and skills-based businesses from their home.

“Our idea with the Back to the Land Festival this year is to show attendees that their homesteads can be profitable, productive, efficient, and freeing,” Hundley said.

Many homesteaders get into the lifestyle as a hobby, but quickly realize they wish they could do homesteading activities all day instead of their 9-5 job. It is the belief of Back to the Land Festival founders Matt and Gabby Hundley that with new skills, understanding, and inspiration, they can make this dream a reality.

At the 2022 Back to the Land Festival, you’ll meet and hear from speakers who have built successful homesteading businesses including:

Each day of the festival will have a different and unique focus.

On Friday, September 23, there will be live music, a meet and greet farm-to-table potluck, and regenerative grazing tour of the farm which is the venue for the event.

On Saturday, September 24, the festival will be hosting a “Trades Day” which will begin with a panel Q&A and discussion featuring speakers and demonstrators. After the panel, attendees will be able to go through 45-60 minute demonstrations on everything from building a commercial composting system and blacksmithing for clients to starting an herbal business and hosting events on your land.

On Sunday, September 25, speakers will be talking about how to start a market garden and run a successful CSA in the morning. In the afternoon, attendees will have the option of concluding the festival by participating in a community service project and class. Last year, participants built a community garden at the Nunnelly United Methodist Church and received a class in creating an instant garden.

Learn more about the festival and save $20 on three-day tickets until July 4th at

Back to the Land is a non-profit organization serving the Middle Tennessee area with educational opportunities around growing your own food, starting your own business, and improving your land. Our primary service project however is developing community gardens in underserved areas and rural communities for the purpose of combating pervasive health issues such as obesity mental health.

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