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2022 RC & Moonpie Festival Logo unveiled by the Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce

Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce: Ta Da!!! Here it is! The 2022 Bell Buckle RC-MoonPie artwork is complete and ready to roll out! Some things are just mint to be, and Bell Buckle was mint to be the best place to celebrate these two southern icons!

Every year, Bell Buckle releases new, original artwork to commemorate that year’s Festival. This art is very Bell Buckle specific. Very RC-MoonPie centric. And very unique-tric (new word alert!). We love hearing from so many of you that have collected the shirts through the years! And we love seeing photos of those of you that have made quilts out of the art on these shirts!

This year’s artwork gives a big nod to our country music King (soon to be announced!), and maybe we mint to give a hint of what this year’s World’s Largest MoonPie flavor will be. Bell Buckle guards that secret like MoonPie guards their recipe, so you won’t hear it from us till Saturday, June 18th when it will be served as the Grand Finale of the day’s events.

As usual, quantities are limited so be sure to get there early to get your 2022 t-shirt at the Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce tent on the event grounds behind the stores. Because like the World’s Largest MoonPie, when it’s gone, it’s gone!


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