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29th Annual RC-Moon Pie Festival

You know it!  You love it!  You wait all year for it!  And on Saturday, June 15th, Bell Buckle will be all shook up with excitement when the Best Festival anywhere in the world, the Bell Buckle RC-MoonPie Festival along with the RC-MoonPie 10 Mile and 5K race delights the masses!  Viva Bell Buckle!


Now all of you with suspicious minds are wondering what in the world Bell Buckle could be up to this year as each year there is a new RC and MoonPie King and Queen crowned.  And maybe even a new flavor for the World’s Largest MoonPie that is served to all!  Let them Eat Mo’ Pie, we say!  And when that big pie is served, well it’s a now or never kind of thing if you want to check that delicious experience off the bucket list! 


We can’t help falling in love with all things Bell Buckle and RC and MoonPie the 3rd Saturday in June.  And this year, oh do we have some fun planned like you’ve never seen before!  The entertainment is always a highlight, and it’s taking center stage this year with a musical contest where you’ll decide the winner. And let’s just say these contestants are professionals and are going to knock your blue suede shoes off!


The day starts with the Sweetest Race you will ever run!  The certified courses for both the RC-MoonPie 10 Mile and 5K courses are a runner’s dream course with beautiful, scenic pastoral landscapes for you 10 milers and friendly, neighborly cityscapes for you 5K lovers!  This race has all the bells and buckles (“buckles” goes better with bells than whistles – for real) you can imagine – t-shirts to all pre-registered runners, finishers medals, age category awards for both races, a post-race breakfast that will be all shook up as well this year, and that home-town friendliness that you just can’t get anywhere like you get in Bell Buckle! 


And it just keeps getting better throughout the day with a parade, crowning of the new King and Queen, entertainment that should be nominated for a Tony award any day now, the better than the Olympics MoonPie games, cloggers, vendors, and the sweetest ending to the day: serving of the World’s Largest MoonPie!  And this year, there will be a flavor you have never ever never had before. It is being made just for this year, just for Bell Buckle!  And we got a sneak taste and WHOA!  And WHOA AGAIN!  We know, we know, you’re thinking don’t be cruel and tease us with all this. But you’ll just have to come see it for yourself!


You just can’t help falling in-love with the Bell Buckle RC-MoonPie Festival.  So be sure to be in charming Bell Buckle, Tennessee on Saturday, June 15th for the RC-MoonPie Festival!  If you miss it, you will feel like checking into the heartbreak hotel from missing out on this big-time family fun, happiest of days!


A day of fun for young and old alike celebrating THREE southern traditions:  RC Colas, MoonPies AND Bell Buckle, Tennessee where we are: Close To Home, But A World Away.

What:              29th Annual RC-Moon Pie Festival ™

When:             June 15, 2024 Saturday 7:00 am until 5:00 pm

Where:            Bell Buckle, Tennessee

Who:               Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce


7:00 am                       Annual Bell Buckle Chamber 10 Mile & 5K Run


8:30-9:00 am               Bell Buckle Chamber 5K Awards


9:00 am                       Craft Fair/ Food court  (Open All Day)


9:00-10:00 am             Midstate Cloggers


10:00-10:30 am           Bell Buckle Chamber 10 Mile awards


10:30-11:15 am           Midstate Cloggers


11:15 am                     RC Cola and MoonPie Parade


12:00 pm                     Bell Buckle Players Coronation Show

                                                 Viva Bell Buckle

                                    with the King and Queen Coronation


12:30-12:45pm           Contest for: farthest travelled, youngest attendee present & oldest attendee present


12:45-2:45 pm            Elvis Presley Impersonator Contest


2:45-4:00 pm              RC Cola and MoonPie Games


4:00 pm                       World’s Largest MoonPie served!      

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