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Bigfoot in South Central Tennessee?

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Did you know that there are over 25 known Bigfoot sightings in South Central Tennessee?

We have found three stories of Bigfoot sightings on the Duck River and Buffalo River, but only you can judge whether these encounters are real or not.

In the Spring of 1979 along the Duck River in Columbia, TN, a man had a vivid encounter with bigfoot. Here is what he recalled about that day...

"In 1979 a friend and I were taking a hike on TVA land in Columbia, TN. At that time the area was deserted. My ex-father in law owned 20 acres that backed up to TVA which met Duck River on the back. We were walking and suddenly 20yds or less away out of the bush in wide open there he was. We froze and we all stared at each other. If he had been violent you wouldn't hear this story. He turned made an awful growling scream and was gone. Later that day my brother and I went back and searched only to find a 4 inch tree about 6 ft up freshly took and twisted to splinters. The farm was part of our area and since this sighting we were not scared when so many times we knew he was near, we were never attacked. Hard for me to write disabled now."

30 years later, in the summer of 2009, a couple had another encounter along the Duck River in Hickman County at 2am. Here is their account from the day...

"My fiance and I were camping out on the banks of the Duck River last summer. Around 2 a.m. we could hear dogs from across the river barking. (It was also a full moon.) All of a sudden, from down the river (it sounded like, anyway) we heard a loud,deep,howl (just like the recordings of Big Foot on tv) that lasted almost ten seconds. All of the dogs, critters, etc. that were making noise went completely silent. We waited up, kind of scared, but never heard it again and the dogs, etc. never made any other noises either. My fiance is an avid hunter and knows all of the sounds out in woods day or night. He says he has never heard anything like that before. Whatever it was, it had to be something that all of the other animals knew to fear."

Just two years later, in Linden, along the Buffalo River, a man had an encounter that gives us chills!

"I am an avid outdoors man. I canoe and camp on a regular basis, mostly by myself (nobody spends any time in the wild anymore). On my most recent canoe/camping trip I had set up camp started a fire, and and had just finished my dinner at around 9p.m. I had put my drinks in the water on the edge of the river and was walking down to the edge of the river to grab on, when, about ten yards from the edge I heard a big splash, something being thrown or dropped in the water, I didn't pay any attention so I kept walking, then as I approached the edge another even bigger splash was made and I could see the large rock that made it fly through the air hitting about ten yards from where I was. I froze and all the hair on my body stood straight up. I shined my led light over to the area and saw a set of eyes for about two seconds before they vanished. I fired my pistol to scare off anyone I thought would be messing with me, but no response, and this was on a week night where the possibility of someone roaming the area was not likely. I quickly packed my gear and left for home.

The next morning I came back to the sight to look around and I heard something rustling in the brush, then I heard knocks in a steady patten of three I grabbed a piece of drift wood and knocked back. This continued for around five minutes, until I heard a car coming so I stopped because I didn't want to give any curiosity to anyone, and I didn't want anyone to think I was crazy. I left came back four days later and spotted a track. The track was around four-five inches longer than my shoed foot, which is a size twelve."

Have you ever had an encounter with Bigfoot?

Let us know in the comments below!

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