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Discover the Heart of Petersburg's Small Businesses

When you think of Petersburg, don't just picture our charming storefronts – imagine a community where local businesses support one another and showcase the best of our town's entrepreneurial spirit. Step inside and you'll find a treasure trove of locally made products and unique finds that reflect the rich talent and creativity of our residents.

At Junk and Stuff, you can pick up delicious home-canned produce and jellies from Squirrel Run Farm and Crazy Chicken Lady. They even stock local honey and fresh eggs from time to time! For freshly baked goodness, Miss Jean’s offers beautiful breads crafted by Heirloom Bakery.

Colt Show Antiques is a haven for locally made wooden pieces and hand-sewn items, all created by talented Petersburg artisans. Meanwhile, The Thread features a selection of handmade soaps and upcycled items, perfect for those who love unique, eco-friendly products.

Every Friday, Good Shepherd's bursts with color thanks to an array of locally grown flowers and plants. And if you're in the mood for sweet treats, unique t-shirts, or captivating art, Our shops are the place to go for locally made fried pies, cake pops, and more.

Petersburg's local shops are also your go-to source for discovering what's happening around town. From upcoming events to the latest news, these friendly storefronts keep you connected to the pulse of our community.

And don't miss the Petersburg Farmers Market, open every Monday through October. Here, you'll find a fantastic selection of locally grown produce, dairy, eggs, and home-canned goods – all fresh and lovingly prepared by our local farmers and artisans.

Come explore Petersburg's wonderful small businesses and experience the vibrant, interconnected community that makes our town so special!


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