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Finding Asgard, Columbia's Not So Hidden Gem

Updated: May 11, 2022

The Volunteer State is teeming with culture, excitement, and great hidden gems. As you have surmised by now I enjoy spending my precious free time enjoying flowing craft beers and soul moving atmosphere. Right off the square in beautiful downtown Columbia is a not-so-hidden gem, Asgard Brewing Company. They pair both beer and atmosphere together with a Viking twist waiting behind the red door.

The name and imagery for Asgard is based around the founder's desire to honor their Norse heritage but as they also admit on their website, "Vikings are just plain cool". I think we can all agree that they are right. I mean just look at pop culture and the streaming services now I am pretty sure these guys were ahead of the curve. Feeling like Fat Thor and fancying myself to have a Viking-esque thirst I had to see or myself what was behind that red door.

Once in the door, the space calls to me to stay and have a beer (or a few) so of course, I oblige. The upper room isn't large but it's intimate and built for making friends and important beer decisions. There is seating at the thick wooden bar and also around the room as well as a moderate but well curated cooler for packaged beer to purchase, plenty of merch for purchase and more beer than a dehydrated horde of Vikings could drink. If you are worried if Asgard can accommodate your horde don't. The building houses a large common space with picnic tables where you can also get a glimpse of the tanks and fermenters.

With twenty-three taps there is something on tap for everyone from hop heads to stout and mead drinkers. Personally, their Voyager is my favorite beer there. It is an American Pale Wheat Ale where the malty sweetness really shines through and there are just enough flavors from the hops to give it character. Asgard keeps their untappd menu on their website so you can check out what is available before you get there. If you check their social media you can find out what food truck they are hosting that day, also they are kid-friendly. On Mule Day there were waters in the cooler and nonalcoholic root beer on tap, never fear though they had a hard version for the big kids.

Columbia is a fast-growing city with a hometown feel, the atmosphere around the square area is picturesque. Next time you want to take a trip out to Puckett's to eat or do some shopping at the local shops on the square be sure to stop into Asgard Brewing Company to rest your feet, enjoy a pint and make a new friend. SKOL! As always you can check out the beers I've had on untappd @ whatshoppinwithgro .

To catch up on my beer adventures visit also follow me on Instagram @whatshoppinwithgro

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