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Hey Y'all Finds a Hidden Gem in Hohenwald

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

On North Park Avenue just 2 doors down from Hwy 412 you will find THE BEST place to eat in Hohenwald, TN. Hanks Family Diner is the place to see and be seen in this beautiful town. The place to meet with friends and family. Everything is within walking distance including The Elephant Sanctuary Discovery Center, and The Lewis County Courthouse just to mention a few. Also within a short drive is the Meriwether Lewis Grave and the Natchez Trace Parkway. Here at Hanks you will be met with a warm welcome and from this moment on you are treated like family. It is decorated in eye-catching 50’s style with lots of memorabilia and it begins on the sidewalk with a Chevrolet pickup tailgate bench. Look closely you will love what treasures there are for you to find, I loved the parking meter.

Paula the owner is a hands-on person, she is actively involved in the day to day operations, from cleaning to cooking, and meeting the diners. On the day we visited she was busy overseeing the kitchen, and what a well oiled machine that is! They stayed busy filling orders, baking pies and on this Friday getting the most popular dish ready for the crowd, Catfish. Ingrid is the one who is at the front and we were impressed with her. She greeted, seated, answered the phones, kept drinks refilled, and cashed out everyone. All with a smile and generous attitude, she is the perfect face for the front. Paula had a long history in food service when she decided to open Hanks Family Diner. Then the pandemic hit and she struggled to keep the doors open. She persevered and with her well chosen staff has made Hanks the place to go eat in Hohenwald. Paula is such a great example of a small business owner who works closely with the local community.

While at Hanks we enjoyed an excellent meal. Dan-O of course had to try the cheese burger and quickly proclaimed it the best one in Lewis County! I had the Chicken bacon wrap and it was awesome. Of course the best part of the meal was the excellent service. Both of us are watching what we eat but those GINORMOUS MILK SHAKES sure got our attention. They are both beautiful and eye-catching, more like a work of art. Their prices are affordable and not overinflated. They have a full menu from breakfast to dinner plates, with lots of choices for sandwiches and salads. Oh and homemade desserts so save some room.

We are always amazed when we hear stories about Small Businesses, it makes you realize just how important it is for us all to support and frequent them. As we visited the town of Hohenwald many told us how much they love this establishment. One man bragged about Hanks while eating his hamburger. This is a business to keep your eye on, they have plans for their future, there is no doubt we will be revisiting them and watching them grow. So get out there and visit Hohenwald and have a great meal at Hanks, you will be glad you did.


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