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Little Creek Ranch is an Animal Lover's Paradise

Leona Lawrence has always had a deep love for animals. When she was a young girl, she belonged to a group in the 4-H club called "Their Happy Pets". Through this group, she was able to bring pets to nursing homes, such as dogs, cats, bunnies, etc. Growing up, she used to take care of her uncle's horses, donkeys, and llamas, and she always knew she wanted some of her own one day.

At Little Creek Ranch in Waynesboro, Leona is living her childhood dream of having a farm that allows her to interact with animals on a daily basis. It is her mission to give others the same opportunity and to share her love of animals with the public, and Wayne County provides the perfect setting.

Visitors and residents alike enjoy Wayne County's natural beauty and family-friendly environment. Leona knows how valuable the hospitality of the Waynesboro community is. "Everyone is willing to lend a hand, or stop by the property to help us in some way. Moving from a busy city to Waynesboro was a breath of fresh air."

Many of the animals at Little Creek Ranch are rescues, so supporting local animal rescue programs is part of the ranch's DNA.

"There are so many animals out there that desperately need love, shelter, and food. If I am able to open my heart to be a voice and a caretaker for them, then that is what I will do.", Leona says.

Leona's hope is that people will visit Little Creek Ranch and experience the love for nature and animals as she sees it. Even though it is open all year round, the Fall and Winter are particularly beautiful times to visit.

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