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Manchester Coffee County Conference Center Receives Prestigious Tennessee Employment First Inclusive Employer Award

Manchester Coffee County Conference Center (MCCCC) is pleased to announce its recognition as a recipient of the 2023 Tennessee Employment First Inclusive Employer Award by the Tennessee Department of Human Resources. This esteemed accolade celebrates organizations committed to fostering inclusivity in the workplace by actively recruiting, hiring, promoting, and retaining individuals with disabilities.

At the core of MCCCC's mission lies a steadfast dedication to empowering individuals with disabilities. Since 2017, the leadership staff has spearheaded a transformative program tailored to students and adults with disabilities. What initially began as a modest initiative has flourished into a thriving community, encompassing individuals who have faced encounters with the justice system and those fulfilling court-ordered or Tennessee Promise community service requirements.

Critical to the success of the program has been the unwavering commitment of MCCCC's leadership team. Through specialized training programs such as Windmills, Smart Talent Systems, and Work-Place Etiquette for Employees with Disabilities, staff members have been equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to provide a supportive and inclusive environment. Collaborations with local Vocational Rehabilitation Training Centers and educational institutions like CCHS have further enriched the program, enabling countless individuals to develop invaluable work skills.

The partnership with the local Vocational Rehabilitation Training Center and CCHS extends beyond filling job vacancies; it's about bridging the workforce gap, particularly within the hospitality sector. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospitality industry has faced significant challenges in replenishing its workforce. By providing opportunities for individuals with disabilities, MCCCC not only addresses labor shortages but also champions the principles of diversity and inclusion.

Rebecca Bordenet-French, MCCCC's General Manager and a State Rehabilitation Council member since 2019, emphasizes the profound impact of the program on both the local and regional workforce. She highlights the importance of employment in fostering financial independence and social interactions, crucial elements for mental well-being and overall quality of life.

As MCCCC reflects on this achievement, it acknowledges that the work is far from over. While receiving this award is a testament to its accomplishments, it also serves as a reminder of the ongoing need to break down barriers and create opportunities for all.

SAligned with the State of Tennessee's vision for Employment First & Community Inclusion, MCCCC remains committed to going beyond conventional employment services. Through innovation and enabling technology, it strives to connect individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to meaningful employment opportunities and foster their integration into the broader community.

In conclusion, MCCCC is honored to be recognized as a Tennessee Employment First Inclusive Employer Award Recipient. It looks forward to continuing its journey towards a more inclusive and equitable future, where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to society.

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