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Outdoor Adventure Itinerary around Maury County

Create everlasting memories and connect with your family and friends when you experience the back roads, rivers, and parks of Maury County together. Get away from the ordinary activities and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Get ready for an outdoor journey. Feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair and listen to the sounds of the river flowing in the rocky landscape in the forest. Outdoor adventures await you in Maury County. The area offers a variety of experiences that will bring you closer to nature, from hiking and kayaking to fishing and off-road adventures.

Erin Jaggers, tourism director for Maury County, Tennessee, invites you to experience Maury County. Jaggers encourages Maury County residents and visitors to appreciate the beautiful nature of the area.

“We love to kayak the Duck River or float on tubes,” Jaggers said. “However, we recently went to Fisher’s Off-Road. They have several different guided tours on ATVs thru backroads, water, scenic views, and along the way, your guides tell you the history of the area. Our family had a blast on the tour. In addition, you cannot beat driving the back roads of Maury County – down the Natchez Trace and hiking to several waterfalls.”

Hit the backcountry roads

Travel the backcountry roads of Maury County. See the wildlife and hear the tires hit the creeks. Fisher's Off-Road Rentals is a family-owned business operated by Brian and his wife, Melissa, who has been a part of the off-road community for more than 20 years. They’ve spent years traveling, riding, and filming for their national television show, Fisher’s ATV World. The show allows viewers to experience trips to off-road parks and trail systems all over the country. Fisher’s Off-Road Rentals opened to the public in 2020 and now offers these exciting trips to you. Experience an unforgettable day filled with delight and beautiful nature. The journey includes scenic creek beds, rock cliffs with caves, waterfalls, wildlife, wineries, and local history.

Biking, hiking, kayaking, fishing

Head to Chickasaw Trace Park for hiking, kayaking, or fishing. Take in the splendor of the Duck River or its tributary Knob Creek. Chickasaw Trace Park is a 240-acre park welcoming you to experience nature. Chickasaw Trace Park offers mountain bike trails, a pump and jump track, a boat ramp, a radio control flying field, and a radio control car track. Chickasaw Trace Park invites mountain bikers of any level to enjoy the trails. The Columbia Cycling Club maintains an “outstanding mountain bike course with 9.2 miles of singletrack.”

Several race events are held at the park, including weekly group rides, the Jailbreak Triathlon, the Chickasaw Trace Classic, the Duck River Trail Run, and the Scarecrow Century.

Listen to the water falling

Stillhouse Hollow Falls is a 90-acre state natural area in Maury County. Hike the trails and appreciate the beauty of the natural area on the Western Highland Rim in the Duck River watershed. Listen to the water plunging 75 feet as you’re surrounded with a canopy of sugar maples, sycamores, oaks and hickories.

Stay at Forest Gully Farms

When you’re ready to relax after a day of exploring Maury County’s nature, unwind at Forest Gully Farms. Jon and Mandy Giffin own and operate Forest Gully Farms, an “experiment in sustainable living, built around the goal of living off the land.”

“On our farm, we strive for a balance in diversity with our plantings,” the owners said. “We work with the whole system to produce a holistic edible ecosystem…Using methods from both permaculture and food forestry, we hope to keep a self-sustaining ecosystem using our plants, trees, animals, and bees.”

The farm includes a vegetable garden, orchard, and chickens, providing a unique experience to guests. When you rent a night, you get all three huts, constructed of white cedar, and you can enjoy the 15-acre farm, which will be a perfect ending to a day of outdoor adventure.


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