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Santa visits Bell Buckle, shares his wish for the holidays

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

As Santa is preparing for the most wonderful time of the year, he spent several days in Bell Buckle, bringing joy to children and adults at the Olde Fashioned Bell Buckle Christmas event.

The event, sponsored by Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce, offered sleigh rides, pictures with Santa, S’mores, hot chocolate, and most importantly, memorable moments for families.

Gregg Heinike, the owner of Bell Buckle Café, helped with the event and greeted visitors in the pavilion, where the S’mores pits were located. Heinike, just as all Bell Buckle residents, is always excited to welcome guests to the town, chat with them and share stories.

Santa and Mrs. Claus (Wendell and Tina Davis) enjoyed meeting the youngest Bell Buckle visitors.

“We are (known as) the traveling Santa because we go everywhere,” Santa said, adding that his favorite part of Christmas is seeing the happy faces of children.

“It’s all about the children,” Santa said. “And, of course, it’s Jesus’ birthday.”

Mrs. Claus also loves interacting with the children.

“That’s our favorite thing to do,” she said.

Santa finds delight in listening to children.

“You get everything from them,” Santa said. “I was told once that the best people to hang out with are the very old and the very young, and I believe that to be true.”

This year, children have asked Santa for various presents, including four-wheelers and barbie dream houses, he said.

But the most popular wish on the list has been “a puppy,” said Santa.

“Several kids are asking for puppies this year – that seems to be the big item,” Santa said.

As the holidays are approaching, Santa shared his hope for peaceful and joyful days.

“My wish for children is that they will always have a place to live and a place to call home,” Santa said. “And I wish we would all come back to Christ.”

Santa and Mrs. Claus loved spending time in Bell Buckle.

“The people in Bell Buckle have been very nice to us, and we really enjoyed Bell Buckle Café – they have awesome food,” Santa said.

Christina Moreno, from Dayton, Ohio, and her family had fun meeting Santa, and shopping and dining in Bell Buckle.

“We loved seeing Santa – that’s always the highlight for the children,” Moreno said. “And Bell Buckle is a really cute town. All the little shops are really neat.”

The shopkeepers, who have decorated the stores with lights and holiday ornaments, encourage you to take a trip to the town, known for kindness, great food, and a unique shopping experience. Have lunch at Bell Buckle Café and relax at Bell Buckle Coffee Shop and Book Swap. Discover unique items when you enter Phillips General Store, Arlet’s Joy, Bluebird Antiques and Ice Cream Parlor, or any of the shops in town.

The Olde Fashioned Bell Buckle Christmas event, held in December, was established 39 years ago. The Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce organizes a variety of events. For more information about happenings in Bell Buckle, visit


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