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Planning a visit to Bell Buckle, consider "Little Buckle"

One of the most well-known houses in Bell Buckle is this little place. Now called "Little Buckle", it's an oldie that's been recently renovated. Check out the before picture. It's now a vacation rental, so if you come to visit my little town, consider this place for your vacation rental! Here’s a link to check it out -

Bell Buckle was established in 1852 after the railroad came through. It was a perfect location for agriculture due to its "fertile soil and luxuriant grazing". Found this description in an 1895 newspaper. It also said that in 1895 more grain, cattle, sheep, and hogs were shipped from this point than any other way station on the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway.⁣

Bell Buckle is famous not only for its southern hospitality and fried pies, but for its antique stores, small-town feel, and college prep school called the Webb School. It was founded in 1870 and brings students from all over the world. ⁣

Bell Buckle also has a massive (not an exaggeration) craft fair every October. Hand-crafted items from artists that come from all over the country. We look forward to this every single year. ⁣

This adorable pretty old place is just one of many in this town. I'm curious, how many of you have ever heard of Bell Buckle before?


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