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The Bellamy Café and Diner in Wartrace invites you to enjoy delicious food and inspiring art

Rolling hills will take you to Wartrace, Tennessee, where you will discover delightful food, friendly atmosphere and inspiring art. Enter the Bellamy Café and Diner and enjoy the aromas of eggs, bacon, pancakes and syrup. Owner Eric Sewell will welcome you with a smile and prepare a tasty meal for you. Not only will the café satisfy your appetite, but it will satisfy your artistic cravings. The Bellamy Café and Diner serves delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options and a generous portion of arts and music entertainment.

The Bellamy Café and Diner opened its doors in July of 2021, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“For breakfast, we offer country breakfast, biscuits and gravy, sausage, bacon, eggs,” Sewell said. “For lunch and dinner, we have burgers, BLT sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Our pancakes and French toast are amazing too.”

Sewell invites you to enjoy a tasty meal in a lovely environment. While you’re drinking a root beer float, appreciate the art around you. Paintings cover the walls, beautifying the space and transforming it from a regular restaurant into an art gallery. The café also offers a stage to local musicians.

“The food is really great, and we really work hard to make it an inviting place,” Sewell said. “We also built a stage here and we will have musicians performing at the Bellamy Cafe.

There’re a lot of different art pieces on the walls. We will feature different artists and we will have an opening night for an artist every month. The featured artists in July are Meagan Armes and Ryan Frizzell, from Murfreesboro. They do murals in Murfreesboro.”

Sewell plans to continue to sell art pieces from each artist showing artwork at the café.

“We want artists to leave a piece here long term, so we can also offer to sell for them,” Sewell said. “It’s like a gallery. We already have pieces from different artists on the walls. As we get artists every month, hopefully they will leave a piece here, and eventually the café will be full of all kinds of artwork.”

Sewell is looking forward to meeting customers at the café and offering wonderful meals. Sewell and his fiancée, Dany, plan to make Wartrace their home.

“We live in Murfreesboro now, and we are moving here in August,” Sewell said. “I’m from St. Augustine, Florida, originally. We love Wartrace. Everybody has been super friendly and super supportive. The community is the best thing about Wartrace – it’s a really tight-knit community and people help each other. It’s been awesome.”

While you’re in Wartrace, explore the shops, offering antiques and vintage pieces, accessories and clothing. Stop by the Walking Horse National Museum and learn about the heritage of the Tennessee Walking Horse. Browse the Rusty Bee, the Shoppes at 31 Main, Old Petticoat Trading Co. and the Sparrow’s Nest to find unique gifts and items that will take you back in time and make your experience in Wartrace memorable.


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