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Tullahoma Spice Shop is Seasoning Up Eclectic Lives a Little Khaos At A Time!

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Now more than ever, it’s important to shop small and support our communities. In addition, there are several benefits to shopping at your local spice shop. It's easy to find fresh, high-quality herbs and spices, and so much more, at Tullahoma's Eclectic Khaos Café, which is independently owned and operated.

The Eclectic Khaos Café was originally known as Missy's Spice Shop. In 2014, Missy built a modest shop on her farm and began selling spices online. Sadly, Missy passed away last December after a short illness.

This is when Ashley, Molly, and their friend Sarita stepped in and continued her legacy of bringing spices and herbs to Tullahoma. With their own unique spin on the basic spice shop, they now offer crystals, spices, teas, coffees, herbs, spice blends, soups, and more.

At the Eclectic Khaos Café, customers can ask questions and learn about the various spices and blends, such as how they were made and their history.

The store is located next to EC Design and Print on North Jackson Street. With their Grand Opening scheduled for September 2nd, 2022, Ashley, Molly, and Sarita are looking forward to serving Tullahoma for many years to come.


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