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Celebrating Ag Week in Giles County: Honoring Agricultural Heritage and Future

Giles County proudly acknowledges the vital role that farmers and agriculture play in sustaining the community's economy, providing food security, and preserving cultural heritage. Agriculture forms the foundation of the county's economy, contributing significantly to local employment, agri-tourism, and economic stability. Giles County will celebrate Ag Week August 5-10, 2024!

Dedicated farmers work tirelessly to cultivate the land, raise livestock, and produce crops, ensuring a steady food supply for Middle Tennessee and beyond. Agriculture in Giles County is a cherished way of life, passed down through generations. Honoring this rich history, the community also celebrates today’s farmers and ranchers who build on the legacy of their ancestors through innovation, environmental stewardship, and sustainable practices that preserve natural resources for future generations.

In recognition of this heritage and the ongoing efforts of the agricultural community, the State of Tennessee General Assembly designated “Here’s the Beef” as the official state beef festival through the enactment of Public Chapter 603 in 2018. This celebration is dedicated to advancing agricultural education and lifestyle.

Ag Week is a time to celebrate the local farmers who keep Giles County and beyond fed, clothed, and sustained. The community is invited to recognize and support the hardworking individuals who are the backbone of Giles County. To learn more visit


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