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Spend a Day at David Crockett State Park in Lawrenceburg

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

In 1786, David Crockett was born near Limestone in Northeast Tennessee. In 1817, he relocated to Lawrence County. His home, as well as powdermill and gristmill, along with a distillery were built where the park is located today. All of these structures were washed away by a flood in 1812. After that, he moved to West Tennessee.

Located on the Trail of Tears, this park also has a history that predates David Crockett. Cherokee Indians led by John Bell crossed Shoal Creek and traveled through what is now David Crockett State Park in 1838. The park has many trails, including those that follow the original Cherokee path.

It was a beautiful sunny day when we visited David Crockett State Park in Lawrenceburg. In addition to guiding us to sites not to miss, the staff at the park were very helpful and kind.

We drove through the campgrounds and noted improvements since our last visit. The upgraded sites feature paved surfaces, picnic tables, and fire pits.

There are picnic areas scattered throughout the park, so it is easy to find a nice spot with a view.

Make sure to check out the museum and the aviary, where there are some beautiful birds of prey.

There is a trail that leads to a scenic waterfall across the street from the museum. Crockett Falls is nearby, as well as a covered bridge, which provides a gorgeous place to take pictures. Near the restaurant and cabins is an amphitheater and pool.

There is a lot to do at David Crockett State Park, whether you are staying for a day or longer. Likewise, the surrounding area is beautiful and interesting.

David Crockett State Park is the kind of place that reminds us: "Don't just travel Tennessee… Experience Tennessee."


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