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Hey Y'all Visits Shelbyville's Jon English Antique Sports & Cards

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Off the square in Shelbyville, across from the Movie Theater is Jon English Antique Sports & Cards. The windows hint at what you will find inside. This is a sports lover's Mecca, with an impressive collection of sports memorabilia and sports cards from almost every sport.

Jon, a former athlete whose father was a football coach has amassed a very special collection. His knowledge has been well used to collect interesting and historical items relating to many sports. Jon was a quarterback in college and even played professionally for a while.

Walking through the memorabilia was like visiting a museum. This collection was impressive and covered so many sports. Bowling, golf, horse racing, football, hockey, and baseball. Everything is displayed so you can see and reminisce about historical sports events and iconic sports figures. Many items will even teach you about times and events in sports history.

One area we loved was seeing the old Baseball Bats wear and how beautiful they are.

Football helmets made from leather make us remember that safety has improved so much in this sport. Old footballs, hand stitched and worn, some footballs were autographed by players. Wood heads on golf clubs, tennis rackets that were wood, and even wood bowling balls. Fans of all sports would enjoy spending time in Jon English’s shop. This was an afternoon we will never forget.

But the memorabilia continues with the cards, there are a few newer cards, but the collection mainly is older and interesting ones. One of the newer ones is from 2018 a patch card featuring Shohei Ohtani. Also of interest are a few Nolan Ryan rookie cards from 1968. They do have graded cards from PSA, Beckett, and others. The oldest card we were shown was from 1887 featuring Emmett Seery.

There were too many interesting and historical items to mention, take some time to visit Jon English and learn more about sports history. Young and old will enjoy seeing the items in his collection.


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