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Cars and Coffee - Columbia, Tennessee

Experience Tennessee Ambassadors Dan + Mary Peery

Once a month in Columbia, TN you will find a group of car enthusiasts who meet at the East side of The Courthouse square at Columbia Motor Alley. This is a fun way to start a busy Saturday morning.

You will find antique, semi-restored, not restored, newer, and new, trucks, cars, motorcycles, lowered, raised, you name it they come. On the Saturday we were there they also had a vendors market set up for shopping. And don't forget the Coffee, MuleTown Coffee was set up outside of Columbia Motor Alley to ensure everyone had a hot cup of joe.

The car owners were enthusiastic to share the history of their vehicle and the steps they went through to restore and repair it. There will for sure be a vehicle that you would love to imagine yourself rolling on a Tennessee Biway in our beautiful fall season.

Admittedly we did make a few rounds just to make sure we didn't miss any detail or another vehicle that had just come in to join the many already there. Our favorite sight that day was when groups started leaving together. They were beautiful driving down the street with the Courthouse in the background.


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