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Explore Tennessee's Famed Hohenwald Elephant Sanctuary

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

In Hohenwald TN you will find the Elephant Discovery Center, The Elephant Sanctuary is 3000+ acres at an undisclosed location that does not allow visitors. The Elephants come here to live out their lives in peace. These beautiful animals were abused and suffered traumas both physical and mental. Here they can live out their lives doing things that elephants enjoy, like pushing trees. This is normal behavior that they love. One behavior that is not normal or acceptable is roller skating. One sweet elephant was subjected to this previously and you can see the skates on display at The Discovery Center.

There are 3 habitat areas that they can roam, from the Discovery Center you can watch them on live video feed. While there we watched Sukari and Tange enjoy a mud bath.

When they arrive they are given courtesy first, then space. They are allowed to slowly acclimate to their new environment and to the staff members that lovingly care for them. They tend to bond with another elephant and then become buddies, together they share mud baths, swimming, eating, pushing on trees, and just grazing and roaming freely.

At present time there are 9 elephants in the sanctuary, the youngest is 37 and the oldest is 60 years old. On staff are 2 veterinarians and 1 veterinarian tech they monitor, feed, provide medical care, and anything else the elephants require. These massive animals eat a lot of hay, produce, and pelletized food. They produce 40 tons of manure every year.

At night they have barns to sleep in, and for winter, there are warming barns located on the property for their comfort. The caregivers have thought of everything for them.

If you're in the Hohenwald area stop into The Elephant Discovery Center and learn about these beautiful animals and the amazing people that care for them.


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