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Finding a Friend at the Lincoln County Fair

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

We are very humbled and BLESSED to have the opportunity to travel and experience some of the best that Tennessee has to offer. In these experiences, we get to meet the nicest people, learn their stories, and immerse ourselves in their lives. We’ve made so many new friends and really love and cherish these new relationships. BUT I have to say this sweet boy really stole our hearts 💕. While taking photos of him he started nodding his head and talking to me. When I walked up to him he immediately reached out to love on me. To say I am smitten is putting it mildly.

While visiting the Lincoln County Fair we observed the Harness racing and had the pleasure to observe the competitors, owners, and riders interact and care for these magnificent, beautiful animals. They were very well cared for, and yes even spoiled. They were carefully brushed and put into their gear. These horses stepped up they started strutting when their harnesses were put on. Their gait changed and their heads were held high as they were prepared for their time on the track.

The riders were equally impressive as they too prepared to race. They were enthusiastic and mentally in tune with their horses as they mounted to ride. Watching them behind the scenes spoke volumes to the love they have for this sport.

Thank you Lincoln County Fair for continuing this tradition and allowing us to share it. Get out there and have yourself an experience, meet new people, try something new. I promise you will find something you love right in your own backyard.


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