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Affordable Golf Trip in Centerville

Looking to enjoy golfing affordably? Visit the Centerville Municipal Golf Course! This course started out as a private club named Skyview Country Club in the 1940s, but that changed 13 years ago when the city bought it and opened it up to the public.

With a nine-hole layout and flat geography, this course is welcoming to golfers of all skill levels. One of the more challenging aspects of the course is a lake that comes into play on one hole. There are two different colored tees at each hole so players can extend their game to 18 holes.

When you tire of golfing, grab a meal inside the clubhouse or get to know one of the seven employees who keep the course running 363 days of the year - everyday except Thanksgiving and Christmas!

There are marvelous fairways and greens for you to explore in Nashville’s Big Back Yard! Tag a golf buddy you’ll be bringing with you to Centerville Municipal Golf Course

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Thanks for sharing your recommendation! Planning an affordable golf trip can be a challenge, so it's great to have resources like to help make it happen. Exploring the beautiful courses in Centerville sounds like a dream, and having a reliable option for transportation like Autobidmaster's services in Pittsburgh-West adds an extra layer of convenience to the experience. Can't wait to tee off while enjoying the scenic views!

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