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Ambassador Spotlight: Meet Bonnaroovian Katie Andrews

This evening we were at plaza 7, at the ROOm of Rhythm to hear Preacher Peyton and The Big Damn Band. Out back we sat on the stone wall next to the nicest lady at Bonnaroo!

Kathie Andrews (with her permission…a very young 59 year old woman) from St Louis, MO.

Her first time at the farm was 2007, and she stated it was much hotter than today was, then it was over 100 degrees.

She perfectly described why she loves Bonnaroo, “it’s the spirit of community, other festivals are not as welcoming”.

This is her first year alone, and she is finding herself by being alone. What a perfect place to find yourself at peace, while volunteering on the farm.

In 2007 she stretched out and tried new music, Mumford and Sons drew her in. She stated that you could tell they love music and it radiated in their performance.

If your at Bonnaroo this year stop by and look at her beautiful pictures and sit down and have a chat with Kathie. I will not forget her Bonnaroo Spirit and look forward to seeing her again. Thank you Kathie for your awesome suggestions for us. Safe travels


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