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Columbia provides a unique day of Shopping in the south

Does the thought of browsing shops, chatting with store owners, trying on trendy clothes and buying presents excite you? Then get ready for a thrilling shopping experience in Maury County, Tennessee, where the shops will invite you with a warm atmosphere. Shopkeepers will greet you with a friendly smile and beautiful items will fill your shopping bags.

Erin Jaggers, tourism director for Maury County, invites you to experience shopping in the area, where guests will get southern hospitality “no matter which (shop) you choose in Maury County.”

You will discover wonderful finds at shops in Columbia, Mount Pleasant and Spring Hill.

Columbia’s downtown area is filled with boutiques. The Factory is home to several shops, including shoe stores, boutiques, antique shops and eateries.

Faded Farmhouse, another local favorite that is sure to bring you happiness. Enjoy browsing the shop. The store shelves are adorned with home accessories, bath and body items, apparel and books. Not only will your eyes enjoy a beautiful feast, but your heart will be warmed with the kindness of the people you meet.

Faded Farmhouse and the other shops in the area mirror the community, providing items representing the area and offering service that highlights the kindness and friendliness of Tennesseans.

“As soon as you step inside, you feel a true sense of southern hospitality,” Jaggers said. “Not only do they have an array of items, but also carry items that represent the communities we live in. You will fall in love with the unique items they have to offer.”

Mount Pleasant offers a rich shopping experience. Adorable baby outfits await you at Breckenridge Baby. And with the holidays approaching, the store’s shelves are decked with precious holiday-themed items.

Enter Bellissima Boutique and you will fill your shopping bag with stylish and comfortable clothing and accessories that will enhance your outfit. If you purchase Christmas gifts for your friends at the boutique, your friend’s faces will shine with happiness when they open the presents.

You will feel the shopping thrill and spirit of happiness, when you visit Too Much Stuff Emporium and Mount Pleasant Marketplace.

Shop owners in Spring Hill also welcome you and your family to explore the stores and meet locals. Vintage 615, Spring Hill Antique Mall, Country Living Newbie Custom Decor will tempt you with unique finds, promising an exciting shopping experience.

Country Living Newbie Custom Decor features handcrafted furniture and custom décor. Like the other stores in the area, it offers more than a wide range of merchandise – it has a story. The shop is owned by a-husband-and-wife team of creatives, Pam Jordan and Bill Walsh. They are “on a new journey in our lives. After long and rewarding careers in healthcare, we have now turned our love of caring for the human spirit into bringing joy to others through beautiful custom-built furniture, creative furniture artistry and refinishing, and a love of anything DIY. We have been told time and time again that visiting our store can be an emotional experience. We will always welcome you like you are home, every time you come in.”

Vintage 615’s owner, Margaret Bell Ziegler, wants to share “a little light, care and happiness” with customers.

“My dream is for Vintage 615 and my staff to make a difference for the community and the lives of the customers who walk in the door to feel seen, valued and cared about. That’s our heart and brand plus being positive and trying to see the good in things. It’s inspiring and helps us and everyone around us feel inspired and happy. I love buying for the store. I go to Atlanta to the market for the gift shows and the apparel shows.”

She has great relationships with the vendors, and they help her “stay on top of what customers like and exciting new items that come to market.”

“Then it all comes to the store and my brilliant designer, Annie Resta, takes everything I buy and stages the store. She’s magical and I am always in awe with her gift and talent,” Ziegler said.

Ziegler is thankful for the opportunity to provide jobs.

“Vintage 615 is able to give five women and one teen (our junior entrepreneur) jobs,” she said.

“Everyone is in their lane and strength. It gives them purpose and fuels their passions. It’s beautiful to see.”

She enjoys meeting people. She and her husband, Chris, also own Living 615.

Ziegler encourages you to shop at Vintage 615 and other stores in the area.

“We are always happy to see you,” she said. “The music is good, and (customers) say it smells good. The store is full of wonderful treasures…boutique items, vendor items – we have over 20 local makers – and we have become a place that my customers say is their go-to place for gifts. We want people to not feel like they have to buy anything…If they need a place to come to, unwind, decompress, get out…We want Vintage 615 to be their happy place.”

Visit Maury County, “a special place…the warmth and southern hospitality that make a difference in the lives of people,” Ziegler said.


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