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Discover the Flavors and Stories of Tennessee in the Wines of Big Creek Winery

Big Creek Winery's owner, Billy Brymer, is passionate about four things – his family, making wine, horses and history, and those passions are reflected in the names of the wines he makes. Not only has he named wines for his equine favorites and his granddaughter, he has chosen names that pay homage to places and people important to Tennessee history.

Each wine bottle tells a story, offering a glimpse into the past and a celebration of local heritage. Let's explore a few of the more than 30 wines crafted by Big Creek Winery that honor South Central Tennessee places and people.

Pulaski Pure Peach Wine: A Nostalgic Port-Style Delight

Pulaski Pure Peach is a port-style wine that evokes fond memories of Giles County school children enjoying their daily red and white cartons of milk from Pulaski Pure Dairy. This dairy not only provided milk to the schools but also delivered fresh milk to doorsteps across the county. Our adult version of Pulaski Pure is a luscious peach wine that pays homage to the dairy that was a staple of our youth. With its rich, sweet flavor, Pulaski Pure Peach is a delightful nod to the past, offering a taste of nostalgia with every sip.

Old Stone Bridge Wine: A Timeless Tribute

Old Stone Bridge wine is a reflection of enduring excellence and craftsmanship, much like the historic Old Stone Bridge in Lincoln County, Tennessee. This remarkable bridge spanned the Elk River for 108 years, featuring a bold design of six elliptical arches without a keystone—a rare architectural feat shared by only six bridges globally. Crafted from a blend of Chardonel, Traminette and Vidal Blanc grapes, this wine embodies the timeless quality and unique character of its namesake. With every sip, you'll experience a tribute to the craftsmanship and quality that define Big Creek Winery.

Antoinette Hall Red Wine: A Cultural Homage

Antoinette Hall red wine honors the 1868 opera house that stood as the cultural center of post-Civil War Pulaski. This historic venue brought music, theater and the arts to the community and was the site of the first Exposition of Fruit Growers in 1871. During this event, producers from across the South, transitioning from cotton to more lucrative post-war crops, gathered for training, fellowship and revelry. This rich, full-bodied red wine captures the spirit of creativity and resilience that Antoinette Hall represented, offering a taste of history with every pour.

Davy Crockett Wine: The Spirit of a Folk Hero

Named after the legendary frontiersman, soldier, politician and storyteller Davy Crockett, this robust wine pays homage to the "King of the Wild Frontier." Crockett, who lived for a time in Lawrence County became an American folk hero through his adventures – both real and fictional. His death at the Battle of the Alamo at age 50 cemented his status as a national icon. This wine, with its bold and adventurous character, celebrates the enduring legacy of Davy Crockett and his impact on American history.

Milky Way Blue Wine: A Sweet Tribute

Milky Way Blue is a delightful blend of blackberry and blueberry wine honoring the contributions of candy manufacturer Frank Mars to Giles County during the Great Depression. Mars employed hundreds of local men and women to build his expansive Milky Way farms, which included a Manor House, horse, cattle and sheep farms. This farm was also the home of Gallahadion, the 1940 Kentucky Derby winner. Today, the Milky Way Manor House is a venue for public use, continuing the legacy of Mars' impact on the community. Each sip of Milky Way Blue offers a sweet reminder of this storied past and the prosperity Mars brought to the region.

Strolling Jim Wine: A Champion's Legacy

Strolling Jim, the first World's Champion Tennessee Walking Horse, was foaled in 1936 and earned his place in history by winning the first Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration in 1939, ridden by Floyd Carothers. This former workhorse became a legend, and his grave in Wartrace is a pilgrimage site for horse enthusiasts worldwide. The Strolling Jim wine, made from Noriet grapes, is a fitting tribute to this equine champion. This wine is available at all Big Creek Winery locations but holds special significance as a souvenir in Wartrace, where the winery has a tasting room and where Strolling Jim is buried.

Experience Big Creek Winery

At Big Creek Winery, every bottle is more than just wine, it's a narrative of passion, history and craftsmanship. Created by the designer Claudia Johnson, the beautiful labels on each bottle depict the people and places these wines honor. To explore more about these exceptional wines and see their stunning labels, visit our website.

Plan a visit to Big Creek Winery and immerse yourself in the stories and flavors that make this place truly special. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast, a history lover or simply looking for a new tasting experience, Big Creek Winery promises a memorable journey through Tennessee’s rich heritage, one glass at a time.


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