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Edwin Craig Honored with Tennessee Music Pathways Marker in Pulaski

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In a symbolic and heartfelt move, the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development has decided to honor the late Edwin Craig, a notable figure in the history of Tennessee music and broadcasting, with a Tennessee Music Pathways marker. This marker, the second for Pulaski, is set to be unveiled on August 10th at 3:00 pm outside the Giles County Public Library. The choice of location is deeply connected to Edwin's lineage, and the community is invited to come together to remember and pay tribute to a man whose influence still reverberates today.

Location with a Legacy

The marker's placement in front of the Giles County Public Library is more than just a symbolic gesture. The library stands as a testament to Edwin's father, Cornelius Craig, who founded it in 1941. Cornelius donated this institution as a heartfelt gift to the community that had nurtured him, showing his deep-rooted appreciation for the place of his birth and upbringing.

Edwin Craig

Edwin Craig: A Man Ahead of His Time

Born in Pulaski in 1893, Edwin Craig's early life in Tennessee laid the groundwork for the legacy he would go on to create. After moving to Nashville, he discovered a passion for commercial radio. Collaborating with local radio hobbyist, Jack DeWitt, Edwin was instrumental in the inception of station WSM on October 5, 1925.

But WSM was not just another radio station. Mere weeks after its debut, the iconic WSM Barn Dance was introduced, which later evolved into what the world now recognizes as the Grand Ole Opry. Country music, with its rich traditions and melodies, found a home at WSM, thanks in large part to Craig's vision and dedication.

Yet, Edwin didn't stop at radio. Pioneering the way for media in the nation, he introduced the country's first FM station and, subsequently, launched Nashville's inaugural TV station, WSM-TV, which is recognized today as WSMV.

Edwin's innovative spirit and dedication to media and music left an indelible mark on the nation's entertainment industry. Sadly, he passed away in Nashville in 1969, but his legacy has remained undiminished.

A Day of Remembrance and Celebration

The upcoming unveiling of the Tennessee Music Pathways marker is not just a nod to Edwin's contributions but a celebration of a man whose passion and foresight shaped the soundscape of Tennessee and the nation. It is an opportunity for the community to come together, to remember, and to celebrate a life lived in full resonance.

So, as Pulaski prepares to honor Edwin Craig with this marker, it serves as a reminder of the powerful bond between community, heritage, and music. The event is a clarion call to all who cherish Tennessee's rich musical history, beckoning them to join in this moment of collective remembrance and joy.


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