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Experience Tennessee Musicians Spotlight: Hippies & Cowboys at the Pilgrimage Festival

There’s a reason music is a big deal in South Central Tennessee. Our proximity to Music City gives us great access. The music joints in our region get to tap into the flow of artists and musicians in and around the big city.


Like Hippies & Cowboys - one of the hottest Southern rock and soul bands to come out of Music City in recent memory. Truth is, the real momentum for this band started here, in the village of Leiper’s Fork.


Not too long ago, Hippies & Cowboys signed up for Open Mic Night at Fox & Locke in the Fork. The performance hit the bullseye - intense rock vocals, an original song that connected with the audience, and young, new, rock blood that emanated energy from the stage like a modernized version of a band from the best days of 70’s rock.


Did we say, intense rock vocals? Those came from the young, raw chops of Nashville transplant Aaron Sparling, from Kokomo, Indiana.


Hippies & Cowboys played Open Mic Night a few times, then rose on up to the Fox & Locke regular shows. They began to sell out. People started to notice.


Word got around and they soon got a gig at Kid Rock’s bar in Nashville, a popular honky tonk on Music City’s Broadway strip. They became regulars there, rousing up the crowd with energy to burn.


This Saturday, Hippies & Cowboys will be performing at Pilgrimage in Franklin, Tennessee, one of the premier music festivals in the world.


This, friends, is a meteoric rise.


We’re predicting Hippies & Cowboys skyrocket, and we’re telling our Experience TN followers who love music, and especially rock ‘n’ roll music, to jump on this band wagon now.





About the Experience Tennessee Musicians Spotlight

The Experience Tennessee Musicians Spotlight is an innovative program orchestrated by and the South Central Tennessee Tourism Association.

This initiative aims to shine a light on emerging talent within the state's diverse and storied musical landscape, as well as on the regional venues that serve as the lifeblood of Tennessee's music culture.

By providing a platform for up-and-coming musicians and featuring venues committed to nurturing local talent, the program serves as both a launching pad for artists and an avenue for music lovers to discover new acts. Not only does it celebrate the contemporary energy of Tennessee's music scene, but it also pays homage to the state's rich musical history, ensuring that the traditions and sounds that made Tennessee a cornerstone of American music are honored and carried forward.

To submit an artist, band, or venue for spotlight consideration, please contact our media team at

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