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Experience the Best of Buckley Farm at The Market

At Buckley Farm, we take pride in offering something truly special to our community. One of the unique aspects that sets us apart from other producers and farmers is our commitment to using the protein we raise right here on our farm in the foods we make available at The Market. There's nothing quite like sharing the fruits of our labor with our neighbors, and we love providing locally-grown meat in our prepared meals.

Speaking of our homegrown delights, we have exciting news: our next batch of pasture-raised broiler chickens will be back from the butcher and ready to sell at The Market on July 2nd. Our chickens are raised out on pasture, and they're moved every day, giving them ample opportunity to forage through new grasses, bugs, and grubs. This daily movement not only ensures they live happy, healthy lives, but it also imparts a wonderful flavor and tenderness to the meat that you won't find elsewhere.

But that's not all The Market has to offer. It's wedding season, and The Market is an excellent destination for wedding and bridal gifts. Whether you're looking for new kitchen tools and accessories, beautiful cookbooks, or elegant dishes, you'll find plenty of options to choose from. We strive to create a warm and comfy shopping experience for all our customers, making gift-giving a joy.

Visit us at The Market and experience the best of Buckley Farm. Whether you're picking up a delicious meal or the perfect gift, we look forward to welcoming you. Our store hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10AM to 2PM, and Thursdays 10AM until 5:30PM. The Market at Buckley Farm is located at 25 Boonshill Rd Fayetteville, TN 37334. For inquiries or orders, reach out to them at


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