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Fall in Love with Fayetteville, TN

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

On the first of October Fayetteville kicked off the fall season with their Fall in love with Fayetteville. The weather was beautiful and everyone was enjoying the opportunity to visit with neighbors, shop, listen to music, and enjoy some good eats from the food trucks. Most of the businesses had gone to a lot of effort to decorate their windows as well as their shops. These were fun to look at and enjoy.

Fayetteville knows how to host a party on the square. This was well planned with plenty of vendors set up around the courthouse. There was plenty of candy for the kids to practice their trick or treating, and they remembered the adults enjoy candy too. Dogs were able to get treats at many vendors too, wuff or treat.

Festivals like this are what make Fall a special time of the year. Wherever you live, get out and EXPERIENCE your community. This is the perfect opportunity to meet neighbors, meet new people, and enjoy all your community has to offer.


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