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Take a Hike in Lawrenceburg: The Best Trails in Lawrence County

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

There are many fun outdoor activities in Middle Tennessee, but Lawrenceburg’s hiking scene stands out as one of the best ways for thrill seekers to hit the turf. One place to soak in the sights and sounds of the outdoors in Lawrence County, David Crockett State Park boasts more than 10 miles of hiking trails alone. Geared up and ready for an adventure? Here are a few of the best trails for hiking in Lawrenceburg.

Photo: Odinn Media

Shoal Creek Trail

At 1.45 miles in length, the Shoal Creek Trail is a peaceful trail that takes hikers on a journey through the sprawling trees and along the winding banks of Little Shoal Creek. Along the way, you’ll experience the serenity of Crockett Falls, a waterfall positioned on the edge of the trail. Considered an out-and-back trail, Shoal Creek Trail has the same starting and ending point, so hikers can see the sites twice (just in case you miss something the first time around). There are also multiple connector points so you can pick up other trails along your way.

Photo: Odinn Media

Crawfish Valley Trail

For the more advanced hikers, this moderately challenging trail comes in at just over 2.70 miles, the perfect length for breaking a sweat. With plenty of twists and turns, Crawfish Valley Trail circles around the banks of Lindsey Lake, where leisures and locals alike can go fish or float on the water. Complete with a floating bridge on one edge of the lake, Crawfish Valley Trail has a wet crossing where you can walk through the calm stream, so be sure to bring an extra pair of socks. Near the end of the trail, soak in the views of yet another waterfall.

Trail of Tears

A more expansive trail is the Trail of Tears, which encompasses the entirety of the park. Don’t let the name fool you, though—the 2.25 mile trail is filled with scenic views. The trail offers a viewpoint for hikers to look at the wide-ranging terrain. The Trail of Tears abuts several other trails, and its many picnic shelters provide plenty of opportunities for snack breaks.

Photo: Odinn Media

Biking Trail

Want even more of an adventure? David Crockett State Park also offers a biking trail, complete with an overlook and a short fitness trail. Need to rest a minute? There’s an amphitheater at the end of the trail, complete with restrooms, showers and an occasional snack bar. No hiking or biking trip is complete without a visit to the David Crockett State Park Museum, where you can learn about the history of Davy Crockett and even see an enclosed display of birds.

Photo: Odinn Media

For even more ideas of how to get out and about in the area, check out the many things to do in Lawrenceburg.


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