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How Charlie Daniels’ Fiddle Ended Up at the Hickman County Chamber of Commerce

The media landscape has changed dramatically since the 1950s and 60s, but there was a time when local radio stations were vital to the success of musicians.

Steve Turner, former owner of KiX96.7 FM radio in Centerville, TN, recalls country legends such as Loretta Lynn stopping by his station to catch him up on their latest projects.

Steve Turner and his wife Wanda at their Century Farm on Possum Hollow in Nunnelly, TN. Source: Marketing by Gabby

But one moment stands out among the many others from his 60-year career in local radio.

A man stopped by his station one day. He needed reel-to-reel audio tape recordings and 8-track tapes burned onto a CD.

Steve had the right mix of new and old equipment to get the job done. He set up the equipment and let the recordings track, checking in to make sure the lyrics were still lining up.

When the man came back to pick up the CD, he asked Steve how much he owed him. Steve said nothing. After a bit of back and forth that ended in Steve’s decline of payment to the tune of 25 cents for the CD, the man said he’d be back again soon.

Several days later he returned. “He had a fiddle case in his hand and he opened it up,” Steve said. “It was signed by Charlie Daniels and it was a fiddle that he had actually played.”

The CD Steve burned held Charlie Daniels’ recordings on it. Charlie told the man to thank Steve by giving him the fiddle.

“I thought, not many people are going to see this fiddle down here at the radio station or at my house. So I'm going to offer it to the Chamber of Commerce.” said Steve.

Today, you can see Charlie Daniels’ fiddle at the Hickman County Chamber of Commerce where Steve continues to perform as part of the The Grinders Switch Hour.

Music, generosity and inspiring stories are a big part of our roots here in Nashville’s Big Back Yard!

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