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Immerse Yourself in Yuletide Magic at The Old Rink Emporium

Are you feeling a bit like the Grinch this holiday season? Well, we have the perfect remedy for you – a visit to The Old Rink Emporium in Lewisburg. The elves have been working overtime, and every nook and cranny is adorned with festive cheer that will warm even the coldest of hearts. I dare say, even old Ebenezer Scrooge would find himself humming along to Christmas carols in the midst of the enchanting decorations here.

Located at 611 Brent’s Rd, The Old Rink Emporium holds a rich history dating back to its roller rink days in 1957. Stepping inside, you'll be greeted by a nostalgic display of roller skates neatly arranged on a shelf, setting the tone for the vintage charm that permeates the space. Shalee, the official greeter with a penchant for belly and ear rubs, adds an extra layer of warmth to the atmosphere.

The wooden floors, worn by years of roller-skating fun, contribute to the store's unique character. From creatively displayed clothing and rehabilitated furniture to an array of signs and countless other treasures, The Old Rink Emporium is a haven for those seeking one-of-a-kind finds.

Meet Sherri Andrews, the current owner and creative genius behind the emporium's stunning transformation. Growing up in this roller rink, Sherri turned her father's dream of a furniture store into reality, evolving the space into a captivating boutique with something for everyone.

Make it a point to visit, especially during the holiday season when The Old Rink Emporium dons its Christmas best. But truth be told, any time is a great time to stop by. Shalee, the ever-welcoming greeter, will be more than happy to see you. Stay updated on their events by following them on Facebook.

At The Old Rink Emporium, it's not just about traveling through Tennessee – it's about experiencing the heart and soul of the state. Come, immerse yourself in the festive magic, and let The Old Rink Emporium be a highlight of your Tennessee journey.


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