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Natural Bridge near Sewanee provides scenic overlook of Lost Cove

Natural Bridge is a three-acre natural area located in Franklin County. Natural Bridge is a 25 feet high natural sandstone arch with a span of 50 feet that provides a scenic overlook of Lost Cove.

There is a wet weather spring associated with a rock house located behind the natural bridge. The spring probably contributed to the formation of the arch.

Lost Cove is a large karst formation on the dissected section of the Cumberland Plateau. It is essentially a giant sinkhole. Lost Creek flows into the valley and disappears into Lost Cove Cave at the Big Sinks and re-emerges as Crow Creek from Buggytop Cave within Mr. & Mrs. Harry Lee Carter State Natural Area.

The site also has been referred to as Sewanee Natural Bridge since the University of the South in Sewanee once owned it. The natural area is a part of the South Cumberland Recreation Area.


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