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New life for old wood, and the stories it can tell

Dale Wayne Etheridge is a lifelong resident of Hickman County, TN and a craftsman with a unique talent. He salvages abandoned barns and homes that—despite holding a rich history spanning centuries—are typically considered eyesores by current owners.

Most either want the buildings restored or destroyed. Dale prefers the former, but if the latter option is chosen, he will tear down the structure carefully and slowly to keep the wood intact so he can repurpose it into bookcases, cabinets, picture frames, and tables.

A fusion of Little House on the Prairie and kitschy coffee shop decor, Dale’s creations maintain the integrity of the wood and transcend trends as truly timeless pieces. His works have found families all over the country.

Each piece of furniture he creates has a story. And he’s documented some of those stories in a book titled "Barnwood Speaks". Dale traces the history of 10 pieces of furniture from their start as a seedling in a forest to their glory days as a home for humans or farm animals, to their abandonment, all the way through to his restoration.

Say “hello” to Dale who is just one of many talented artisans located in Nashville’s Big Back Yard!

Hickman County Chamber of Commerce


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