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Rural Bedford County Mansion full of amazing details

When I say this mansion is rural - I mean cow pastures, rolling hills, creeks, the whole nine. It's one you would never expect to find sitting atop a hill in rural Bedford County. It has been meticulously maintained and restored and gives me a wow every single time that I see it!

Henry Anthony Clark was willed the land in 1892 and began construction on this house in 1902. Though the style had waned a bit by that time, Henry had it built in a restrained Queen Anne Victorian architecture. After the death of his wife Lizzie in 1909, he continued to live there for fourteen years. It changed hands a few more times until it landed in the hands of the current owner who has lived there for over 40 years! I love the careful detail that has gone into keeping this one historically accurate. The interior still boasts several pocket doors, original mantels, two dogleg ornate staircases, and beautiful paneled wainscoting. It remains one of the largest and finely detailed homes in Bedford County.


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