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Sam Grow's 'Cigars & Bars Tour' Hits Manchester, Tennessee

Fans of Sam Grow will soon have the opportunity to see the country artist live as he brings his soulful tunes to Manchester, Tennessee. Common John Brewing Company is set to host the musician as a part of his "Cigars & Bars Tour." The event, which is anticipated to draw fans from all around, will take place on January 20th, 2024, at 6 PM. With a limited ticket release, attendees are guaranteed an intimate experience with the Average Joes Entertainment star.

Since his first studio album, "Love and Whiskey," topped the iTunes Country Albums chart in 2019, Grow has been fanning the flames of his career with no signs of slowing down. His single "Song About You" not only garnered over 50 million streams but also earned a spot on Spotify’s "Best Country Songs" list. Recognized on Billboard’s "7 Country Acts To Watch" and heralded by Music Row for his imminent rise to superstardom, Grow’s forthcoming Manchester performance is a beacon for country music aficionados seeking authentic narratives and a robust sound.

His sophomore album "This Town" delves deep into Grow’s small-town upbringing, resonating with many for its heartfelt authenticity and relatable themes. As Grow himself puts it, this album is about making music that assures fans, no matter the struggle, they are not alone. His dedication to creating a connection through music was palpable during his "Backyards and Bonfires" tour, and it continues to be the thread that binds his relationship with listeners.

The Common John Brewing Company, known for its commitment to craft beer and community, presents the perfect backdrop for Grow's earthy tones and heartfelt lyrics. As a venue that values hard work, good beer, and great music, it's an apt setting for Grow's tribute to the simple yet profound pleasures of life – encapsulated in his "most-personal" music to date.

Fans eager to experience the synergy of Grow’s storytelling and Common John’s homegrown hospitality should act quickly to secure their spot. The combination of Grow's deeply personal performance with the brewery’s commitment to craft and community promises a night that celebrates the best of small-town America, making Manchester not just a stop on the tour, but a destination in itself.

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