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Shop the Spring Hill Antiques Trail

Antique shopping is a special kind of fun – browsing shelves lined with historic knicknacks until you find the perfect piece to display in your home, a piece that not only holds a history all its own, but that now sparks a memory of a day spent searching for a special kind of historic treasure. The hunt is half the fun, uncovering treasure that can be anything from a unique piece of vintage clothing to reclaimed furniture.

Small towns are often home to some of the best antique shops in the nation, and Spring Hill is no exception. Here’s where to find some of the best antiques in the city.

Spring Hill Antique Mall

The Spring Hill Antique Mall is 8,000 square feet of historic fun. Set inside a gym, which was built in the 1950s making it an antique itself, the space has been revitalized much like the goods inside (find hidden gems in a gym, if you will). Stroll through more than 40 antique vendors showcasing everything from furniture to clothing, art, tchotchkes and more, located just off Main Street in Spring HIll.

Restoration Momma

As its name suggests, Restoration Momma places an emphasis on revitalizing and refreshing antiques so they may enjoy a new lease on life. While located just on the other side of Spring Hill in neighboring Thompson’s Station, Restoration Momma is a worthwhile destination for pre-loved items like furniture, textiles, dishware and decor, abiding by the motto, “when in doubt, create.”

Carter’s Creek Antiques

Just five minutes south of Spring Hill in a neighboring farming community, Carter’s Creek Antiques is a charming shopping district that will propel you back in time. Stroll through a general store built in 1910, a granary, post office and plenty of antiques waiting to find a new home.

2 Storeys Antiques

Inside the Carter’s Creek Antiques complex stands 2Storeys Antiques, a vintage shop filled with things like vintage signs, furniture, and even bakeware. Add a piece to your own vintage collection selected from a town preserved in a time where life was a little more simple, bringing a piece of that into your own home.

Happy hunting!


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