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The Crockett Theater, an Art Deco Gem

In Lawrenceburg, TN just south of Summertown here in Nashville’s Big Back Yard, is the The Crockett Theater. This Art Deco gem opened with a showing of “And Baby Makes Three” in September, 1950. It featured seating for 1,265, including a balcony section and wider, row-capping “big man seats.” Terrazzo tiles covered the lobby floors and marquee lights pulsed with the excitement of Hollywood.

Meticulously restored and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the theatre retains the magnificence of its youth while welcoming modern performers and audiences. Tremendous acoustics are a byproduct of the theatre’s design, but that sound is now enhanced by a system that has plug and play capability for local programs and visiting artists alike.

The Crockett Theater hosts award-winning artists, community theater productions, dance recitals and more right here in Nashville’s Big Back Yard.


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